So I had a blurry Saturday. Most of it was spent trying to promote my new book ‘Love, Loss, Lockdown’. Honestly, I think I just wasted a lot of time in just refreshing to see how much engagement my social media posts got. So narcissistic and stupid right? A couple of more books and maybe I will finally get over it.

But here is something totally awesome that happened – the book hit RANK 10 on Amazon India’s BESTSELLERS list under the ‘Literature & Fiction’ section, in their TOP 100 FREE list. I am not even kidding, take a look.

And yes, the book is free just for the weekend (4th & 5th July), so grab your copy if you haven’t yet. It’s a short story collection set loosely against the Covid19 pandemic. I am super excited about the ranking since it’s hard for a new unknown author to make it to any list if they are writing general fiction. So these things are a morale booster.

If you get the book, do leave a rating/review, it means a lot to independent authors like me. Following are some links –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

If I’ve missed your country, look for it on Amazon or on your kindle store.