I woke up late as usual, only to find out that my book ‘Love, Loss, Lockdown’ had climbed up ranks on Amazon India’s bestsellers’ list! It was at fucking number three. At first I thought ‘shit, does the book deserve the ranking?’ and then I was like “woohoooooo, who cares, the book is number three, the book is number three!”.

Nothing can be more encouraging for an independent self-published author than to find their book making it to any sort of list. Besides, these rankings are based on sales not ratings. Also, it’s on the Amazon top 100 free list, which means the e-book is free, only for the weekend. So please grab your copy if you don’t mind reading some realistic general fiction. They range from heartfelt to wacky.

If you get the book, do leave a rating/review, it means a lot to independent authors like me. Following are some links –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

If I’ve missed your country, look for it on Amazon or on your kindle store.