When people pack their bags for a holiday, their first priority is probably cash and clothes. For me it’s all about finding a nice book to read on the journey. So when I took a two day break to a beach in Goa with a friend, we finished buddy-reading an entire novel out loud during our train journey. The fact that our fellow co-passengers were obnoxiously loud helped – nobody gave attention to us loser nerds reading out a book that would have made them cry.

The book in question is ‘A River In Darkness’ by Masaji Ishikawa, a non-fictional auto-biography about a man who lived in North-Korea for over three decades and finally managed to escape from the country to recall his horrifying ordeal. My friend and I did a live audio review of the book by the beach, so the podcast episode has some ambient wind/beach sounds.

Do listen in to the book review and share your thoughts.