After buddy-reading a rather depressing non-fiction novel, my friend and I decided we would read a quick ‘chick-lit’ book to drive away all the gloom that had settled in our heads due to the last one. Both of us have the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription and one of the first few suggestions that came up for ‘chick-lit’ was ‘There Men And A Maybe’ by Katey Lovell. It was less than 100 pages and seemed perfect for a super-quick buddy read.

The story is about 30-year-old Cerys, who gets proposed by three different men on the same damn night. One is her ex-fiance who had gambled away all their savings and wants to make things right; the second suitor is her best-friend and the third dude is a random bartender she had met a week ago. Lovell quickly explains Cerys’ relationships with the three men and it’s pretty obvious who she is going to choose. The characters don’t get enough space for you to actually care much about anyone, but that’s fine since it’s more like a short story.

This novella is cheesy, predictable and seems straight out of a ‘B’ grade Hollywood romantic comedy. In fact, if someone like Netflix picks up the script and casts some very good-looking people, I might even watch the film. If you ever have to go some-place that takes an hour and want to read a silly romantic story, you can pick this one. It’s a 3/5 from me.

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