Little Kanna loses her zeal to run after her mother passes away, but finds herself journeying across country after a talking rabbit claims she has an important role to play in an annual gathering of Gods. Directed by Takana Shirai, the 2021 animated film ‘Child of Kamiari Month’ is an attempt at giving viewers a magical little movie, but it barely accomplishes its goal.

Despite being a little less than two hours, things don’t get more fun, or interesting and the story-telling remains flat. The main protagonist Kanna never gets likable, she’s a typical stock-like character, and the friends she makes along the way to her new adventure are very forgettable. The animation is decent, but most character designs feel like mediocre rehashes of existing stuff. The generous sprinkling of Japanese culture and shrines dedicated to different deities is the only nice thing in the film.

With talking rabbits, demons and dragons, it might be entertaining for children, but it’s really difficult to be invested in the bland tale as an adult viewer. There’s simply no spark.

It’s a 5/10 from me. You can stream it on Netflix.

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