Quick Recap – Top spy ‘Twilight’ is pretending to be family man Loid Forger, he needs his adopted daughter Anya to help him get close to a man called Desmond whose son studies at her school. For the mission to be a success, Anya must either befriend Desmond junior or be the topper in class, and both goals seem near impossible. Meanwhile, Loid has new trouble brewing.

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Episode 8 starts with a hilarious little school scene, demonstrating Anya’s struggle with the curriculum at her fancy institution. However, the school sub-plot does not get any more screen space and the focus soon shifts to the non-education side of things. The audience is finally introduced to Yor’s brother Yuri Briar, a young spy himself, who works for forces that consider Twilight an enemy.

Instead of a ‘spy vs spy’ face-off, there’s a humorous relatable family dinner at the Forger house, where Yuri tries to size up his new brother-in-law. He is filled with hundreds of questions about why his sister Yor never told him about being married for a year. How the ‘couple’ handles the awkward meeting makes for an entertaining watch. The protective familial love Yuri has for his elder sister is adorable. Viewers also get some sweet but exaggerated flashbacks of how the siblings grew up watching out for each other.

‘Spy X Family’ is on a fun streak again, with funny little twists and turns. While until now, Loid and Yor were trying to remain professional even in their domestic roles as husband/wife, Yuri’s arrival on the scene sets the ball rolling for an escalation of their relationship. Episode 8 ends on an exciting cliffhanger, and will make fans want to stream the next episode immediately.

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