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If you are an anime fan, it’s hard not be curious about the 2022 Netflix anime ‘Spy X Family’ which is based on the manga by Tatsuya Endo. Consider the plot – a spy on a undercover mission has to quickly find a wife and child, because the only way to get close to his target Donovan Desmond is by attending parent-teacher meets at a private school. So he adopts an orphan girl called Anya and marries city hall worker Yor, but unknown to him, the child and new wife have secrets of their own – Anya can read minds and Yor is an assassin.

The first starts with a bang (a car crash really) and we are introduced to our spy hero Loid Forger who goes by code-name Twilight. Those who’ve read the manga shouldn’t have any complaints with the adaptation, from the character-art, to scenes, to even dialogues, everything in the anime is completely faithful to the original material and is better – since it’s in color and is live-action.

This is like a campy-silly-comedic take on the Spy genre, so Loid Forger is basically a anime version of Ethan Hunt (from Mission Impossible), constantly changing identities and faces to fool his enemies. Episode one just sets up the introduction to Loid and the tiny little Anya, who is an adorable psychic child and gets attached to her adoptive father. The interactions between the new father-daughter duo is hilarious and warm. Some viewers would definitely go ‘aww’ at Anya’s antics.

‘Spy x Family’ promises to be a funny action comedy with family and espionage as central themes. Check it out if you are looking for something light. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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