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After a three month break, ‘Spy X Family’ has resumed on Netflix with new weekly episodes, so the 13th one begins with a quick recap of the whole plot – top spy Twilight is undercover for an important mission, for which he adopts a little girl and marries a young woman to pass off as a regular civilian named Loid Forger. What he doesn’t know is that his daughter Anya can read minds and his new wife Yor is a deadly assassin. It’s a family full of secrets and surprises.

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Titled ‘Project Apple’, episode 13 follows the Forgers on a quest to adopt a dog for Anya. The pet is her reward for winning a ‘Stella’ and improving at school. This development was foreshadowed in episode 11, so a lot of fans were hoping the family would get a dog in 12, but when it comes to adding a fluffy friend to the brood, it’s better late than never. And just like the rest of the Forger clan, the new addition to the family is ‘special’ too.

For a post hiatus episode, ‘Project Apple’ packs in a lot of serious action and hilarity. Loid is called for an emergency meeting to stop student terrorists from assassinating an influential political figure. Yor and Anya continue pet hunting, only for Anya to go astray and land into the hands of bad guys. Who’s going to save the little one? Overall, it’s a cute chapter which ends in an exciting comedic cliffhanger.

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