‘Penguin Park’ was just the perfect ‘Spy X Family’ episode yet! It’s all about fam-jam time, yet interspersed with covert spy action, and plenty of laughs.

(Read Spy x Family Episode 1 Review if you have no clue what the show is about)

Swamped with a lot of work, Loid’s been letting his cover of a ‘family man’ slip. He realizes it only after overhearing a few aunties gossiping about him in the corridor, branding him a negligent husband/father. Wary of further gossip, Loid Forger decides to take Yor and Anya for a weekend outing so the neighbors believe they are just another ‘regular’ family.

There are a lot of fun little details in episode 12, making it a delightful watch. For example, the Forgers are in white-blue outfits for their day out at the ‘Penguin Park’, representative of the extra mile Loid goes to put up a united ‘happy’ front for the world. Anya already sees the older pair as her parents and has started to behave a little more brat-like, which is perfectly normal for her age and she continues to be the cutest of the lot. Obviously. Loid-Yor are totally nailing their parenting roles, while their own personal equation is still at a lukewarm level.

I was expecting a new character introduction, and while we do see a few new faces, they are probably not going to get recurring experiences. Again, as far as the main mission is concerned, there isn’t any concrete progress, so it does feel like a ‘filler’ episode more than anything else. But at this point, I am completely invested in the characters, and would be only happy if it goes on till a episode 100! Hope they get a new season soon.

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