For some reason, each issue of ‘Flavor’ feels like there’s only one scene, they are all too quick, almost as if nothing happens. The comic series by Joseph Keatinge, Wook Jin Clark (Artist), Tamra Bonvillain (Colorist) and Ariana Maher (Letters) is all about food. The first two issues introduced readers to protagonist Xoo, who is an underage cook at her parent’s restaurant and is looking for a rare ingredient called ‘Garuda Truffles’. Issue 3 starts off with Xoo gearing up to participate in a cook-off at a black market to win what she desires.

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Things get disappointing, because readers were set up with the expectation of getting an exciting action-packed issue, especially due to the cliffhanger in Issue 2. That said, the artwork in issue #3 was enjoyable, largely owing to the fact that we get an interesting side-by-side showcase of two characters cooking the same dish. While Xoo is making crepes to wintruffles, new character Anant is cooking to seal a spot in a fancy academy. It’s yet to be seen how the fates of these two different people are intertwined, but if you have years worth of reading, you can sort of guess where things are headed.

While food continues to be the dominant theme, we still don’t get any intriguing insights into the culinary culture of this fictional world. Although, master-chef like competitions seem to be quite popular and Xoo’s uncle is keen on signing her up for an event… without her knowledge.

The bright, colorful artwork is the only thing keeping me invested in the series for now. Two more issues down and it still feels like very little has happened. But at least it gets over in bling, so, no scope for boredom. It’s a 3/5 from me.