The Forgers are trying their best to get Anya on top of her class in the anime series ‘Spy X Family’, but the kid scores the worst grades in class! Loid Forger has little hope for his mission now, and wonder if he will just have to cheat his way through the ordeal. Titled ‘Stella’, episode 11 is all about brainstorming how to make Anya win gold badge (nicknamed Stella) in her school, an honor for exemplary students.

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Loid takes Anya to a rehabilitation center, hoping that some public service might help Anya win a Stella. The spy dad still has no clue his adopted daughter can read minds and our little psychic smells (hears) a great opportunity to win an award! The makers have established a nice balance in dividing the screen-time between the three protagonists. While Episode 10 focused on the mother-daughter bond between Anya and Yor, this new episode has Loid spending more time with the child.

Episode 11 isn’t as pacy or hilarious as the previous one, but it has its share of fun moments. It’s the animation that saves the day, because there are a lot more of the typical exaggerated Manga expressions this time around, adding a lot of comic relief. Love how despite having a lot of pressure to make his mission work, Loid tries his best to not push Anya and let’s her be a kid, after all, she is only five. The father-daughter outing turns out to be surprisingly great, so much so that it almost feels like the characters are imagining things. It’s all too good to be true, but the story had to pull in a big twist to push the story forward. While Anya’s friendship with Damian continues to be non-existent, we get to know a little more about the rich brat – he isn’t as bad as he seems to to be.

While no new characters are introduced, viewers are left with the promise of an interesting new addition to the Forger Family for next episode. Don’t think fans would want this cute silly family show to ever end! Stream it on Netflix if you still haven’t.

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