The mildly hilarious housemaster Henry Henderson, the man with an obsession for all things ‘elegant’ is back in ‘Spy X Family’ Episode 10. So, unlike the last two episodes, the focus shifts back to Anya’s school life, where she is expected to excel, for her spy dad Loid Forger’s mission to succeed.

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Titled ‘The Great Dodgeball Plan’, Anya trains with ‘mom’ Yor Forger to become the most valuable player (MVP) of her team. Rumor has it, the MVP would be awarded a ‘Stella’, the badge for top students. This episode throws shade at ‘Dragon Ball Z’ when Yor and Anya practice to become Dodgeball legends. The makers slip in funny animated scenes meant to re-create popular sequences from other shows.

For the first time, there is very little of Loid Forger, he voluntarily takes a backseat to let Yor take reins of things. While the first few minutes build on the mother-daughter bond, most of it is about the dodgeball game. Henry Henderson oversees the match and expects ‘elegance’ from the students on the court too.

Episode 10 was more like a fun break, with ample funny moments and Anya taking center-stage with her classmates.  That kid’s determination and dedication to help her father succeed is adorable. If you aren’t watching this anime on Netflix, which is based on a manga series of the same name, stream it for some mindless entertaining comedy.

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