What a wholesome family centered episode this was! At least in the first half. Mid-term exams are around the corner and slacker Anya needs to ensure she doesn’t fail, or she could get expelled from the prestigious Eden Academy and that would jeopardize her father’s secret mission. So spy dad Loid Forger and undercover assassin mom Yor put in all their efforts into their daughter’s education. Yor goes a step further and ropes in her younger brother Yuri to help tutor Anya.

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Titled ‘The Home Tutor Uncle/Daybreak’, episode 18 had an entertaining first half. Yuri comes over to the Forger household and reluctantly agrees to help Anya study. He is not keen on bonding with his sister’s step-daughter and still resents Loid, since he suffers from a ‘sister complex’ and is thus unreasonably hostile towards those who get her attention. The uncle-niece shenanigans were amusing and comedic.

There’s the obvious suspense over whether our little psychic can clear her exams, and because Loid cannot afford to leave that to chance, he has a fool-proof plan ‘B’ to keep Anya in school. The second half wasn’t as entertaining and shifts the mood from the domestic scenes to some spy action that was on the sillier side, instead of all the serious tense stuff fans were served in the last few episodes. A new character is introduced, a rival spy who serves as both an element of surprise and comic relief, but the sub-plot involving him wasn’t as funny. Regardless, overall, it was a fantastic edition!

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