There’s a new agent on the horizon, a poker-faced woman called ‘Nightfall’, who is intent on ruffling things up in ‘Spy x Family’. Assigned by the handler to work with agent Twilight AKA Loid Forger, the spy protagonist of the series. Nightfall thinks ‘Operation Strix’ would make better progress if she takes up the role of Mrs Forger. Is that even possible?

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Titled ‘Nightfall/Jealousy For The First Time’, episode 21 made for a fun change, with the first half focusing on the new character’s motives. Nightfall visits the Forger household, triggering a series on hilarious incidents and interactions between Loid, Yor and Anya. It’s in these family settings where the show’s writing shines best. Despite Loid insisting in his mind that he is only ‘playing house’ for a bigger global mission, the ‘fake’ family exudes the warmth of a real one.

While Twilight is usually professional in his demeanor, there’s been a slow steady growth in his character from ‘cold spy’ to ‘warm dad’ figure as Loid Forger. There aren’t actually very many scenes that dwell into Loid’s more domestic side, but the episode really highlights the kind of work he has been putting into taking care of Anya. While there was plenty of comedic moments as usual, a few serious scenes were slipped in via the new character. It’s going to be interesting to see how agent Nightfall fits into the picture and what their next mission is going to be.

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