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The Forgers have made it to Eden College! Titled ‘The Friendship Scheme’, Episode 6 of the Netlifx anime series ‘Spy X Family’ focuses on Anya’s orientation day at the fancy new school. Not only do our primary protagonists face hiccups in this one, but the episode isn’t as comical or entertaining as the previous few.

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Like the teaser suggested, there’s an attempt to kidnap Anya while she in on a outing with Yor, but the thugs choose to mess with the wrong mom. Action fans will love the sneaky little ways in which writer constantly slips in fight sequences to keep the tempo up. Either spy dad Loid or assassin mom Yor almost always get an opportunity to show off their killer skills. And Anya is their biggest fan-girl.

‘Operation Strix’ is finally rolling, Anya is now classmates with Donovan Desmond’s son, however Loid’s plan to see that the two kids become friends, so that he can gain access to Donovan, doesn’t really go as he hopes. The episode gives a lot of screen-time to Anya and her new little classmates, none of who speak like typical 6-year-olds, but maybe that’s how well-groomed super rich kids talk.

A new theme is now introduced to the show – bullying. Japan seems to have a scary bullying problem in its schools, which is reflected in a lot of its shows and movies, and so it makes its way to ‘Spy X Family’ too. Eden is a school for highly privileged folks, which means there’s bound to be some class differences, and even though this is only an animated series that cannot be expected to explore disparities rising due to a student’s economic standing, it sure does touch upon it. To see even six-year-olds keen on cornering and hurting their classmates on the very first day is disturbing. Anya is mocked for having a simple psychiatrist for a father (psst… nobody is supposed to know he is a famous spy and his little girl can keep a secret).

Episode 6 largely sets ground for Loid Forger’s main mission and it remains to be seen how he is going to get Anya to become friends with the nasty little Desmond junior.

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