Two supporting characters I’ve been looking forward to seeing some more, make their appearance in Episode 16 of Japanese anime series ‘Spy x Family’ – Yor’s younger brother Yuri and Loid’s goofy friend Franky.

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Titled ‘Yor’s Kitchen/The Great Romance Scheme for the Informant’, the episode starts on a deceptively serious note – Loid is worried about Yor coming home late for a few days, especially because she has visible cuts on her hands and looks exceptionally tired. But like the title suggests, turns out Yor is simply learning how to cook, since both Anya and Loid cannot stand the food she prepares. Her brother Yuri visits her and there are some cute/funny scenes which display the endearing bond between the siblings.

The second half of the episode features my favorite supporting character Frankie, Loid’s friend/informant who expresses desperate need for dating advice. While Loid shows no inclination to help him at first, he eventually caves in and drafts an elaborate plan to help his friend have a successful date. But will things go as planned?

Family and friendship was the focal theme in this episode, the spotlight is on the personal relationships of the protagonists, instead of ‘Operation Strix’. The title might mislead some fans into thinking something more romantic is going to brew between the fake Forger couple… but not yet. However, Loid does make a cryptic admission in the end, which is intriguing. With a generous dose of funny moments, episode 16 was quite entertaining!

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