So, episode 14 of ‘Spy X Family’ was a mixed bag, probably because other supporting characters get more space than usual. Picking up from the last episode, Yor saves Anya from terrorists, though she thinks they are child kidnappers. But our little mind-reader knows what the terrorists are up to and runs off with her new dog friend to help spy dad Loid.

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Titled ‘Disarm the Time Bomb’, it’s packed with action, geopolitics and some of the ‘mission-impossible’ spy shenanigans. The episode starts funny, but is also quite dark for the major part of its runtime as the focus is on stopping a group of student terrorists from assassinating Foreign Minister Brantz. After managing to nab a few plotters, Loid’s Handler gives them a sombre lecture on the horrors of war.

The show is finally getting a lot more serious than before, but still manages to be fun with all its light moments. For example, Anya’s developing friendship with the dog is adorable; the two have their own adventure and save the day without anybody finding out. Yor’s brother who works for the government makes a brief appearance in the episode, so maybe we will get to see a lot more of him soon enough. Overall, it was an exciting chapter which marks a darker turn for the series.

With Keith, the mastermind of the terrorist gang still at large, Loid leads operations to thwart his attempts to kill Brantz. The episode ends with an cutthroat cat-mouse chase between the two. Who will prevail?

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