Dark, serious, almost scary – the tone of ‘Spy x Family’ Episode 15 is far from the usual hilarity viewers are used to seeing; but only for the first few minutes. The creators use pumping music to heighten tensions and add to the tense drama unfolding on the screen – Loid is fighting a bomb-dog, while Yor is running around town frantically, looking for Anya.

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Titled ‘A New Family Member’, the episode starts off on an intense action-packed note, then gets relaxed/homely in tone. All three in the Forger family – Anya, Loid, Yor – play a role in stopping terrorists from executing a bomb plot that would’ve escalated into a war-like situation. Might satisfied with herself, Anya expresses her wish to adopt the big fluffy mystery dog who saves her from the bad guys, but since it’s a special animal that was experimented upon, Loid isn’t too sure about adopting it.

In an rare reveal, viewers get to see a softer side to the Handler (Loid’s colleague) who always has a sour face on, she convinces Loid into letting Anya have the dog. Thus, the Forgers begin a new chapter of their family life with their new pet and Anya has something new to brag about at school. The focus is back on ‘Operation Strix’ and Anya still needs to befriend Desmond’s bratty son. Can a new pet become an excuse for her to get closer to the snooty boy?

It was a thoroughly fun episode which explores each facet of the show, first there’s some tense spy action, then some family bonding time and finally Anya being silly at school.

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