And the ‘Spy X Family’ training begins! Well… sort of. Episode 3 of the 2022 Netflix anime show titled “Prepare for the Entrance Exam” begins with the three primary protagonists finally moving under one roof, pretending to be a ‘real’ family – the Forgers. But the hero, Loid Forger, isn’t very sure if he can accomplish his mission with his clueless new ‘wife’ Yor, and the impish ‘Anya’. The immediate goal is clearing the parent-interview round to help get Anya into a premium private school.

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Those who’ve read the manga already know to expect, but to those who haven’t – if you were expecting this to be an action packed thriller, it isn’t. Like the title suggests, the primary theme is ‘family’ and how three strangers unwittingly form a bond. The Forgers know very little about each other, but their interactions are progressing at a warm pace. The third episode is filled with funny little homely moments, and a hilarious outdoor excursion, where Loid hopes to practice what it feels like to be a family. And yes, there is a sprinkle of action to break the monotony of a ‘good family day out’ too.

Up until now, there has been no clarity on Loid’s past, but we are slowly getting glimpses into his current personality – he is neat, organized, knows how to cook and is basically the perfect home-maker. The slow unraveling of these character personalities might not appeal to all viewers, however, it’s engaging to watch and bigger adventures are definitely in store.

The smart little Anya, who has cleverly managed to hide her mind-reading abilities from her super-spy step-dad and assassin step-mom, is turning out to be my favorite character already! ‘Spy X Family’ is still on a good streak. Stream it on Netflix.

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