By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

‘Target: The Second Son’ screams the title of ‘Spy X Family’ Episode 7, where Anya tries to make amends with Desmond’s son Damian on Loid Forger’s order. However, another student who befriends Anya doesn’t think there’s any need to apologize to the rich brat, thus complicating our hero’s mission.

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The series has definitely slowed down a little since episode six on but it’s at a casual pace that will continue to be entertaining for fans who’ve grown fond of the characters. The first half unfolds at Anya’s school, where Loid goes undercover, to ensure she apologizes to Damian so the two can become friends. It’s endearing how hard the little girl tries to please her foster-father; Loid on the other-hand is a blend of creepy/funny, as he goes undercover on campus to guide her.

While the episode doesn’t help advance the plot much, the second-half serves an interesting picture of domestic life, where the Forgers try to understand what it means to be a family. Loid realizes he is putting too much pressure on Anya and figures he needs to be a better father-figure to her in order for his mission to succeed. From the ‘spy mission’, the focus shifts to an emotional realm and how these three strangers are invariably becoming a real family of their own. Yor doesn’t get a lot of screen-space, but she is turning out to be a thoughtful balanced young woman, who tries to make Loid see things through Anya’s perspective. The slow but steady relationship development between Loid and Yor is executed smoothly.

Overall, this was a good filler episode which ends with a little twist, setting ground for the introduction of a new character.