Big city girl who is a successful Wine Executive quits her job and flies off to an Australian farm to win over her first big client. Then in a bizarre plot-wist, she agrees to become a farm-hand hoping it would help her win the contract. Set mostly outdoors, the 2022 Netflix romance ‘A Perfect Pairing’ does look very dreamy, almost perfect even, but the old romantic plot about ‘big city chick trying to get used to farm life’ is just so predictable, mundane and snooze-y.

Victoria Justice plays Lola, who looks fine for the part, in her high-heeled boots on a sheep farm, a little lost but full of optimism and energy. The rugged handsome Max (Adam Demos) who is the ‘bossman’ at the huge farm shows her the ropes to do some grunt work and be useful to his team. Samantha Cain plays Hazel, the multi-millionaire who runs the wine business Lola wants to win over. Some of the support characters are just stock fillers with no depth. Whoever wrote the dialogues should’ve put in a little more effort and maybe things would’ve been more interesting.

Directed by Stuart McDonald, this film is just your very basic romance, with mediocre writing, close to no jokes (yeah, this is definitely not a romcom, just a rom) and average acting. The twist and the conflict at the end was so shallow, it would’ve worked if this was a teenage love story, but for two grown-ass adults to fight over something petty is just silly. The climax is cliched and the runtime too long. The rural Australian scenery is the nicest thing about ‘Perfect Pairing’.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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