Based on the Manga by Tatsuya Endo, the anime Netflix show ‘Spy X Family’ continues to be on a strong foundation-building exercise in its second episode titled ‘Secure A Wife’.

Loid has already secured a daughter via adoption, so now he is on a hunt for a wife to complete his family for his next mission. The episode opens with a hilarious sequence of Loid’s friend cross-dressing as a woman to pass off as his fake wife. But the mood considerably shifts when viewers finally get introduced to the third protagonist Yor, Loid’s potential future wife, who has a boring job as cover for her real gig – assassinating people.

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This episode wasn’t as light and funny as the first one, largely owing to the fact that the primary focus isn’t on little Anya this time, the psychic girl Loid adopts. However, it makes for an interesting change, with the plot shedding insights into Yor’s character, who is a weird combination of a cold-blooded murderer and socially awkward wallflower. Her day-job is filled with mean women who pass nasty comments, which was a pretty convincing representation of what toxic work places can be like. Oh and since Yor is a 27-year-old single woman, apparently she is a bit of a threat to the society and needs to be married ASAP, or her younger brother cannot rest in peace. As much as that can piss off women viewers, it’s also going to be relatable to some.

Action fans won’t be left disappointed, there’s plenty of ‘mission impossible’ style stand-offs peppered throughout the episode. Loid and Yor hit it off pretty well, it’s the classic case of ‘made for each other’. Again, the makers are sticking to the original work, so fans of the Manga are going to be thrilled. This was as entertaining as the pilot episode.

Only complaint from the viewer’s point of view – waiting a whole week for the next episode is painful! Stream it on Netflix.

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