Anya Forger is still struggling with academics at school in the anime series ‘Spy x Family’ and her next social-studies requires students to research on an occupation. The children are told to either ask their parents about their work-place or interview anybody else they’d like. Who would Anya choose? Assassin mom Yor with a boring govt day job or spy dad Loid who works as a psychiatrist as cover. The choice is pretty obvious!

(Read Spy x Family Episode 1 Review if you have no clue what the show is about)

Titled ‘Investigate the General Hospital’ the episode gives both Anya and viewers a glimpse of Loid’s fake day job setting for the first time. Anya is dressed as a detective and some amusing dad-daughter scenes unfold as the little trouble-maker tries to do explore the hospital on her own when Loid isn’t looking.

Loid’s friend/informant Scruffy makes a small cameo and provided some silly comic relief as usual. Scruffy is definitely the most funny supporting character in the show. Again, this was a filler episode like 19, with close to no progress on ‘Operation Strix’, the series’ main plot point. But fans of the show would happily lap up a 100 more such editions, as long as they are entertaining!

You can stream the series on Netflix.

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