School shenanigans take center-stage in episode 19 of Japanese anime series ‘Spy x Family’ about a spy adopting a little girl and getting himself a wife to pass off as a ‘family man’ for his latest mission. The Forget family is getting along well and Anya is doing her best to help spy-dad Loid, who still doesn’t know she can read minds.

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Titled ‘The Revenge Plot Against Desmond’, the episode introduces a new character called George Glooman, who looks gloomy like his hilarious name and his character art is inspired by gothic traditions, with sad dark eyes like Pugsley Addams from the cartoon version of the famous ‘Addams Family’ show. Little George is Anya’s classmate and is plotting against Desmond, the boy she has been desperately trying to befriend.

It’s a goofy episode that focuses on children, their understanding of the world and just how evil or kind they can be, depending on situations they are faced with. George’s character is naive and his misunderstanding of a certain situation sets stage for some silly kiddish drama at school.

The other primary protagonists – Loid, Yor – make brief appearances. Yor has the day off, but realizes Anya has forgotten to take her gym uniform to school, so she runs across town and then hilariously tries to covertly give the uniform to her step-daughter. This edition seemed more like a filler, but was still pretty fun.

You can stream the series on Netflix.

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