What a fun and pointless episode 5 of ‘Spy X Family’ the anime series turned out to be! Okay, well, not completely pointless… Anya Forger doesn’t make it to the first list of the prestigious Eden school but the headmaster has some encouraging news for the Forger family.

Titled ‘Pass or Fail’, episode 5 begins with a generous dose of unfortunate incidents that will be relatable to a lot of fans around the world. For example, a black cat crosses the family’s path while they are on their way to find out Anya’s results, so Yor begins to panic, taking it as a sign of ill-omen. From U.S, Europe to many Asian countries, a lot of people believe black cats mean bad luck. Viewers get a lot of hilarious scenes following an extravagant request by little Anya, which Loid agrees to… like a good father. It’s like the spy has taken a real shine to his adopted daughter.

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The mood completely shifts in the series, instead of the sombre school setting, viewers get playfully extravagant outdoor scenes that scream ‘action comedy’. Loid’s informant Franky serves as great comic relief without taking up too much screen time. The animators have done a fantastic job with slipping in subtle expressions on character faces, like how Anya gets excited while Yor thinks of some devious stuff – even though the focus in the scene is on Yor, those who catch Anya’s change of facial expressions will get a good laugh out of it.

The Forger family is on their way to becoming a trio does care deeply about each other. Anya already sees Loid as an inspiring father-figure and displays significant respect for Yor too. ‘Operation Strix’, the whole basis for the show has only just begun, but it remains to be seen if Loid and team will be successful in their mission. ‘Pass or Fail’ serves as an entertaining break before things gets heavy and serious!

You can stream the series on Netflix.

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