Few days before Christmas, a widowed dad of five inherits a large farm from his deceased father. His colleague convinces him to go check it out and spend some days working from there, claiming the quiet rural life could offer a great break. But a lot of chaos and madness follows…

Directed and written by Debbie Issit, the 2022 Netflix film ‘Christmas on Mistletoe Farm’ is a slapstick old school children’s film, that would be best enjoyed by those looking for a campy silly movie with potty jokes. It’s the kind of movie I would have probably laughed at while watching with friends, but streaming it alone wasn’t entertaining at all. Scott Garnham plays protagonist Matt Cunningham, who does a fabulous job of handling five little kids and a tough job with a Cruella like boss. The character is interesting, but Garnham is forgettable and cannot draw you into the story. The rest of the cast is guilty of the same – they have close to no charm.

Debbie Issit and team use every little cliche, trope and stale jokes to deliver a not so funny Christmas film. Some parts of the movie look like a reality show or footage of a family Vlog about spending a chaotic vacation at a farm. The cinematography is inconsistent, not sure if it was a deliberate decision or just choppy camerawork.

I should probably not even be reviewing this title, because I fast-forwarded most of it. So, stream ‘Christmas on Mistletoe Farm’ if you’ve run out of Holiday titles to watch. Who knows, you might even enjoy it! I didn’t.

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