Titled ‘Unshaken Path’, episode 23 of ‘Spy x Family’ is probably the most hilariously exaggerated edition of the anime series so far. Agent Twilight and Nightfall are still posing as a civilian couple and playing a crazily rigged match at an underground tennis tournament to win a painting. Can they outwit their opponents who own the court and have all sorts of dirty tricks under their sleeves?

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Like mentioned in the review for episode 22, Fiona AKA Nightfall is proving to be a side-splitting support character, giving Franky a run for his money. And heck, Twilight deserves to have a secret cheerleader on his team. Most of the episode was centred around the tennis match, but more than a sporting event, it was a battle of wits and superhuman strength.

Yor Forger and Anya have brief cameos and the new sub-plot pitting Yor against Fiona is comedic to say the least, especially because Loid seems to have no clue about the internal turmoil brewing between the two women. For a super intuitive/intelligent spy, Loid is rusty when it comes to understanding the ladies in his life. Which according to his character traits doesn’t make sense, but it’s necessary for laughs and drama.

Episode 23 is pacy, humorous and thoroughly entertaining, even though it had nothing much to do with Loid’s main mission – Operation Strix.

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