Loid Forger AKA agent Twilight has done the most bizarre things to maintain his cover, but playing in an illegal underground tennis tournament would’ve probably been on the bottom of his ‘might have to do’ list. The last time an episode focused heavily on a sport was months ago in ‘The Great Dodge-ball Plan’, but it features little Anya and her schoolmates. Now it’s time for the adults to show their skills on the court.

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Titled ‘Underground Tennis Tournament Campbellton’, episode 22 features new spy Nightfall again, who introduced herself as Loid’s colleague Fiona and is determined to replace Yor in the Forger household. As part of their next mission, Loid and Fiona team up to take part in a tournament held by an art collector, in the hopes of winning a painting they believe holds clues to an important dossier.

So far, Franky Franklin was the only character who was amusingly comical, but Fiona’s is turning out to be quite a riot. Her dual personality provides ample laughs; the contrast between her cold mean spy charade on the outside versus her screaming fan-girl personality on the inside is hilarious. Fiona’s aloof act even manages to get Loid ruffled, which is an achievement. The two make a formidable team, but can the two face-off against tennis professionals who’ve been training all their life?

This sports themed edition turned out to be exaggerated, exciting and thoroughly entertaining! Yor and Anya make a brief appearance, and it seems like Fiona has managed to shake up the cold-blooded assassin too. ‘Spy X Family’ is getting a lot more interesting now.

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