Alternate title: What is wrong with the netflix film Siera Burges is a loser.

Disclaimer: I am the sorts that reads movie reviews after watching a movie. I know a review is ideally supposed to be read before you decide to purchase or experience a product, but when it comes to movies, I prefer relying on just the trailer to decide if I want to watch something. But after the movie watching is done, the first thing I do is read reviews to see what my opinion is versus that of a reviewer. It’s almost like a silent discussion.

I am going to write about the film Siera Burges is a Loser, and you shouldn’t read any further if you haven’t seen it. Because I am going to do an almost full reveal of the plot.

To the movie now.

Like the title of the blog, the movie was a Cringe-Fest. Well, sort of. I haven’t cringed as much during any movie as far as I can remember.

So the basic plot of the movie is about how a snooty teen cheerleader gives a hot jock the number of a “loser” in her school when he hits on her. The jock assuming it’s the cheerleader’s number, says hi to Siera, the supposed loser and the two start talking.

So this is how their first conversation goes:

Hot jock: Hi

Siera: Who is this?

Hot jock: *sends a super cute selfie*

Siera is hooked, obviously. So the two start talking and Siera starts to catfish him.

Basically, Siera misleads him into believing that she is the cheerleader.

Here is the problem: Siera Burges is a perfectly normal looking teen, not ugly, a little on the heavier side, but very talented and intelligent.
So eventually she realises she must tell him the truth, but backs out and instead schemes with the cheerleader to keep the charade going.

How does she get the cheerleader to play along?
Answer: In exchange of free lessons that will help her look smart in front of an ex who broke up with her because she was “too dumb” to hang out with his friends.


Siera forces cheerleader to go on a date with the jock and stalks them to the theatre.


After the movie, she stalks them to the parking lot, goes underneath the car to overhear them.


She actually overhears them and then texts the cheerleader on how she should be responding to the jock.


I exclaimed while I was watching the film and pressed the pause button. Like why? I didn’t even want to see the movie anymore. It was just way too stupid. How can a intelligent girl behave like that, unless they are trying to show us what mutliple personality disorder looks like. So yeah, I paused the movie outraged at the idiocy.

But well, after two three minutes I resumed the film only for the ultimate cringe scene to roll in.


The jock tries to kiss the cheerleader and she tells him to close his eyes. She then asks Siera to come up and kiss him instead.


I am all for love is deeper than looks, but kissing a guy who has no idea what you look like, that’s just wrong. That’s like a criminal offence?

He wanted to kiss the cheerleader’s face and Siera stealing that kiss was extremely disturbing. Even if Siera was more “beautiful” than the cheerleader, she had no right to kiss him while he had his eyes closed. She didn’t have his consent. The cheerleader could have just said no to kissing. Both the girls could have said no.

I just skipped that scene. Was too horrified to watch it. Siera goes on to commit a few more betrayals.

This movie just sugarcoats and makes cat-fishing look good. Siera could have got the guy without all the lying, scheming and well, all the lying.

The moviemakers try to give it a nice ending. But I don’t know. This movie could have been better. All the actors actually do a pretty good job, it’s the script that fails them.

How hard is it, to show a real love story, where two people, who seem mismatched on the surface, fall for each other slowly, for who they really are?