Netflix keeps adding vampire/zombie/monster themed titles to it repertoire and a lot of fans are here for it. Get ready to watch Jamie Foxx plays a different kind hit-man in the upcoming 2022 film ‘Day Shift’.

J.J Perry marks his directorial debut with this movie and has worked as a stunt director/co-coordinator in a bunch of films including John Wick. For a second, you are shocked as a viewer to watch Foxx shoot a helpless old lady, but she immediately turns into a vampire and things start to make sense. The film is set in a world where killing vampires pays great and the protagonist needs the money to give his daughter a good life. So slashing the throats of blood-suckers are part of his ‘day shift’.

Going by the trailer, it looks like a promising action-vampire-comedy flick, with Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg in pivotal roles. The three minutes teaser packs in enough blood, gore, action to pique one’s interest. Come August 12 and we’ll know if it’s worth the wait!