“The pain love can cause is not in the whirring of the heart

Its arteries turning into blades, cutting through your innards

The rapid beats of unease inching closer to some death

A funeral for a dream or desire; rest in peace my love

The rusted chains of our beaten swing won’t miss you…”

These are the first five lines of poem number ten from “Death & Darker Realms”. It’s about heartbreak and how the smallest of things can trigger you. Their copy of keys that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of. A book, a birthday gift perhaps. A pen that doesn’t even write anymore. Anything.

Wrote this one in 2016. Not sure what the inspiration was.

For the full poem, you could get a copy of “Death & Darker Realms” on Amazon. It’s a collection of 40 poems dealing with themes like death, depression & dysfunctional relationships.

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