‘Manga Messiah’ was an impulsive buy during a visit to the bookstore for the first time since a nationwide lockdown was slightly eased in my city and book-stores had started opening up for operations.

The blurb for this one said “From the biggest-selling book in the history of the world… comes the greatest story ever told… about the most controversial man who ever lived… presented in the most popular graphic novel format on earth…”

While I was pretty excited when I bought the book, reading it was so bloody disappointing. For some silly reason – I was expecting some fictional stuff with interesting twists and turns in the story of Manga Jesus. But this book is just the Manga version of his story. Nothing less. Nothing more. Old wine in a new bottle. Booooring.

The illustrations were fun and true to the manga format. However, it usually takes me an hour to finish a Manga. Manga Messiah took me over a week to finish, because I kept taking day long breaks from it. It’s no fun when you already know the story. Even Manga magic can’t make it interesting.

2/5 for this boring mess of a manga. Get it only if you’ve never read Jesus’ story before.

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