“The fireflies were our only hope

In their dim green brilliance

Under the kind glow of the moon

She used to catch them

And make her hands their cage”

Some lines from the middle of poem number eleven in “Death & Darker Realms”.

Wonder how many of us ever had the experience of living in a place that didn’t have electricity? My ancestral village didn’t. Not till I was 12. So some of my earliest memories are of fireflies lighting up the beaten road that led to the market.

The joy of catching a firefly in our hands for the first time was something else. But the horror of seeing the die in minutes would wipe away all the joy. This poem is loosely inspired from those days.

For the full poem, you could get a copy of “Death & Darker Realms” on Amazon. It’s a collection of 40 poems dealing with themes like death, depression & dysfunctional relationships.

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