70% Brilliance, 30% Bullshit. That was Interstellar for me. I am not even going to pretend that this is a review of the much applauded sci-fi flick, you’ve probably read dozens already. Just like me, even before you decided to go for the movie, your social media updates were probably filled with movie enthusiasts saying stuff on the lines of “Only Nolan can fuck with your head like that”, and how the flick is his greatest masterpiece yet.

A friend of mine even said that Gravity completely pales out in front of Interstellar. In terms of cinematography, I would agree that Interstellar does take your breath away, but Gravity was more believable and had more heart. Sure there is the really touching father and daughter relation in Interstellar and the last scene makes you misty-eyed, but the movie is still not a niner for a few of us.

There were definitely points in the movie, where I had to think a little more to understand what is happening, because, well, I have never been bright at science. But even someone like me, who does not know the bare basics of physics, can see that quite a few things in the movie are way too exaggerated and far-fetched. As the story progressed, certain scenes made me gasp “bullshit” under my breath, four times at least. But hey, it is science FICTION, so Nolan decided to have fun. The exaggerations tend to annoy you for a second but then you also think, “this is good story-telling” and stories need to be a little unreal to be amazing.

If Nolan had decided to stick to proven science theories, he would obviously not have had such a crazy plot to dish out to people. That is what makes the film a good one time watch. The acting is brilliant, the scenes a cinematic treat and the storyline the exaggerated fiction Nolan does best. What I really like about the movie is that whenever a character throws scientific jargon at the speed of light, it is quickly followed up by an explanation for people like us (who are not science geeks). So the director knows he is dealing with crazy stuff and so he rationalizes everything in his own way to try and convince you that it is not all that mad.

So yes, in a parallel universe, perhaps all that stuff if possible. Where gravity is more kick-ass than time and weather conditions only allow farmers to grow corn.  Not in ours.

Disclaimer: The next paragraph will seem completely nonsensical to those who have not watched it yet, you can stop reading right now if you want.

So while most people wanted to stand and clap at the ending, some of them even did, I exclaimed in my head “where the fuck is Edmund! Is he buried there or alive?” and so here is my problem with the ending then – 1. If Edmund is dead, it means that the planet he was on does not have a sustainable environment, does it now? 2. If Edmund is alive, the hero does not get to score the chick or does he?  And that is just some of the problems I have decided to list. You can list yours too. But I would recommend you watch it, it does oscillate between brilliance and bullshit, but the brilliance time is worth a watch.

If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean.

P.S. Feel free to rip me apart in the comments section