All I knew about “Fury” the movie was that it starred Brad Pitt. The timing of the movie suited my schedule well, so I decided to go watch it with my friends, with absolutely no idea of what I was supposed to be prepared for – gore, dead bodies, explosions and more gore.

First ten minutes of the movie, we conclude we picked the wrong movie and should have gone for something else. But then soon a timid, nervous Logan Nerman (the kid lot of girls fell in love with for his role in Perks of being a wallflower) makes his entry, and from there on the movie turns surprisingly for the better.

There is still a lot of bloody bodies flying around or being trampled over among other things. The most  ridiculous part of the movie is that the guns seem to be out of star wars, with a green laser light emerging out of them (what the fuck?!). But the actors are pretty great, and Brad Pitt looked like a perfect GI Joe figurine, I exclaimed that at least thrice in the hall, “Look, he looks like GI Joe!”.

I am not trying to write a review or anything, but just it’s after a long time that I have seen a war movie I really liked. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching “Saving Private Ryan’, except I thought that “Fury” moved at a faster pace and had more action. And also, it is less serious, so you can keep laughing and making silly jokes with your friends in the hall and attract dirty stares from those around you. This however does not mean that this movie was better than “Saving Private Ryan”, they are two different movies, which are great in their own way.

The plot is not very strong as such or new in any way, and the movie seems to slightly focus more on Logan Nerman, who is playing a young boy who had never even held a gun in his life, and suddenly finds himself assigned to be the assistant gunner for a tank commanded by Brad Pitt. It’s his journey from refusing to kill an enemy soldier to turning a war hero for massacring the Nazis.

And while everybody is right now going ga ga over Interstellar, I am writing about Fury. But well I plan to watch Interstellar tomorrow and maybe I will write about it too.