Love, underrated or overrated we ask?

A kiss or hug when we first we meet?

Or an awkward shaking of hands

With expectations hanging in the air

That the other might take the lead

And go for perhaps half an embrace

And while the hands still touch

No one makes a move at all

Smiling like idiots at each other

Letting the fingers linger longer

With the promise of another meet

While our hearts nervously beat

Reluctantly letting go of the other

And as we take cabs back home

We play it all out again in our head

And keep thinking even in the bed

As sleep plays an elusive minx

We wonder why we weren’t bolder

But conservative like those older

What about the kiss we missed

How could’ve that possibly been?

All those sparks we let go in vain

But they are possibilities still

Waiting for us to meet again