I want a woman, no, I want a girl, a woman seems too mature. I don’t care how old she is, what color she is, how many crooked teeth she has or how much tension rises in the spring of the weighing machine she steps on. I want a girl, she might be ditsy and confused but she better be fiery and strong. She may lie, she may deny it, she may fight, argue and annoy to the extent that all sane mortals give up, but neither of us will and both of us will only love each other more for being as stubborn and unrelenting. I don’t want her to give up her dreams. If she wants to start a 365 day cook fest, I will make fun of the “woman in the kitchen” stereotype for the whole year, but I will buy the camera equipment, learn how to use it and upload every single recipe on YouTube and make sure everyone in the world subscribes and likes that channel. If she wants to quit her job and be a police inspector after seeing the movie “Mardaani”. I will write an awesome resignation letter, then make her wear one of my black kurtas, do a pose from the movie and ridicule her all the while, but I will sit next to her every night it takes to study for the entrance exams and make sure she gets in, write letters to her with my stupid jokes while she is in training, even if she doesn’t respond to them, I’ll write every day, then be ready to pack up and shift to whichever village in West Bengal they assign her to.If she doesn’t get in, I’ll simply say, “Next, Change”. I expect no less from her, no holds barred, all shots taken, use all means necessary to show how stupid I am, to point out my clumsiness and inability to do basic, fundamental human things, but when I say, “Let’s do something crazy” and suggest something that is definitely going to fail, she would say, “That is soo going to blow up in our faces that I want to do it” and we will. We might regret doing it later, but we will do something like that again and again and again. We’ll put down our foot on somethings, we’ll compromise on others but at the end of the day, we’ll be a team. We’ll make do with what we have but we will never have enough, we will reach for the stars at any cost except each other’s. I don’t want a lover who looks for my approval of things as trivial as her dress code, I want a partner who wants me to reason in to anything she does, and if she doesn’t agree with my views, she will tell me to fuck off, do whatever she wanted. Maybe she’ll comeback later and tell me she was wrong, maybe she won’t, but that won’t change how either of us will go to each other for help, even though we are sure the other person is useless in the subject. We may be imperfect, we may have our flaws, both individually and together but we will never stop fighting any fight we find.

So a friend of mine had an epiphany, a little after midnight, about the kind of girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. By the next morning he was not sure if he believed it, but night musings are sometimes our heart’s real song I guess. So anyway, he shared what he wrote and I thought it was great. And since he does not blog, he said I could make a guest post out of it. So well that is what he had to say about the girl he wants.