This was an interesting piece of architecture that a friend and I encountered while on our way to an old fort in Bangalore. We were going to visit the Begur Fort, an ancient crumbling skeleton of a fort, barely anything really. What is interesting about it though is that Bangalore supposedly borrows it’s name from this very same fort. And it dates back to the 11th century! But let’s talk about the church.

This church was only two miles away from the fort and quite frankly more intriguing than the fort. It’s called St Ignatious Church and is next to a primary school. What really happened to it is a matter of mystery really. There was no one around who we could ask about the history or just the story behind the bricks that stood proudly despite the destruction their brothers had faced. So I took a photo to remember it by.

Once I got back home, I looked up for the church online but could not find anything remotely informative about it. In fact the pictures that show up are of an entire church building, of what really this remnant was. For all I know, it was bulldozed to pave way for a newer church.

Nonetheless, I was glad I came across this church. Somehow it would have not been as hauntingly beautiful or interesting if it were complete. This is why I love traveling, you get to see the most random lovely things!