Finished reading book number 29 for 2021 – Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It’s about how a woman called Carrie starts writing letters to David, whose wife is having an affair with Carrie’s husband. The two strangers use each other as a crutch to cope with the betrayal of their long-time spouses.

The story is set in the 1970s & the story unfolds exclusively via letters. We get to read letters written by four different people, but they all sound so similar that it feels like the same person is forging some of them. It’s perhaps understandable when a book has some dozen plus character and one or two sound alike, but getting repetitive with just four characters is disappointing. Especially because this is a novella sized book that one can finish in an hour or so.

While I haven’t read anything else by Taylor Jenkins, ‘Evidence of the Affair’ wasn’t particularly impressive. Although Jenkins does manage to convey how difficult ending a marriage can be for some people. The language was simple and easy to read, not very memorable and slightly boring in bits. While I did not hate it, it didn’t exactly have me hooked to every page either, but it’s a decent pick for a quick read. It’s a 3/5 from me.

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