What do you do when you spot a Yaoi Manga at an Indian book store at a crazy discounted price? YOU BUY IT.
So I did not think twice before buying Nights by Kou Yoneda and wasn’t disappointed by the impulsive decision. It is a quick engaging read, with interesting stories.

The first short involves the Yakuza, so it’s all about crime, drugs and some double-crossing. The last one is borderline-mundane but sweet – about a blossoming romance between a shy car mechanic & an introverted sales representative. The artwork is quite nice and not confusing, because for those who aren’t used to the Japanese style of reading left to right can often be left confused while reading Manga.

Kou Yoneda keeps his stories pacy, serious, with very subtle humor thrown in. What I liked about the tales is that they are not exaggeratedly smutty. Basically, it’s not a book that you need to hide under your bed, considering the “explicit content” warning on the corner of the cover. It’s going on the top rack of my bookshelf