Warner Brothers shared a deleted scene featuring Joker’s interaction with Batman in the 2022 Matt Reeves movie starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. While in the final cut that made it to the theaters, viewers only get a foggy glimpse into the most notorious DC villain, the deleted scene fleshes out the character better.

Actor Barry Keoghan disappears into layers of make-up, and his Joker look has some fans gushing how this might be the creepiest version of the antagonist yet. Comparisons with Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal is obviously inevitable, and some viewers are never going to accept another actor in their shoes. But if the top YouTube comments on the official deleted clip’s page are anything to go by, most fans are quite hyped to see a new actor take on role of Bat’s arch-enemy.

Sample some of the viewer comments –

“Wow. Not only creepy AF, but a Joker that actually looks like he fell into chemical waste. Really well acted. Love that they have a symbiotic history already.” – Dan Romens

“Oh man, Heath’s Joker is creepy enough but I never imagined a Joker as unsettling to look at as well as to hear like Barry’s. The way it slowly reveals how disfigured and grotesque he is, his creepy laugh, the dynamic between him and Batman, the history they clearly share. Truly hope we get more of this in the future.” – DrKnocker05

“This is the creepiest joker by far and the cinematography really adds this sense of fear and almost discomfort which matches the batman as a whole. I wish they had this as a post credit scene it would have been so cool” – Eloise

“Excellent scene. Slow reveal is pretty perfect and really looks like he could be a fantastic joker for future movies but ultimately I’m happy they cut the scene as it would have taken away a lot of the gloss on what was a fantastic performance from dano as riddler and would have stole some of the thunder too. The future looks bright (or bleak haha)” – Daniel Wortley.

The clip clearly establishes some history between the Batman and Joker, but it remains to be seen if Barry Keoghan will get to reprise the role in upcoming Arkham themed movies or series. Here’s the clip –