I have been dreading the first review of my book “Death & Darker Realms”, a poetry collection (which is available for free for two days on Kindle and the Amazon Kindle app by the way). Guess people are right about authors and fragile egos huh?

Anyway, a blogger/instagrammer reviewed my book and turns out that her favorite poem in the collection was one that I was most skeptical about. Only strengthens the fact that each reader is unique and one’s opinion of a literary work can never hold true for a large audience.

I am pasting the full text of the review with the link to the blogger at the end. Also, if you are a poetry enthusiast or a blogger who does reviews and is not sure what to read and write about next, may I suggest that you try “Death & Darker Realms”. If you do, you can link it back to me, or tag me on Instagram, my username is @scarredfoot or you can simply put the review on goodreads and I will know about it. I would also feature it on my blog with the link to your page.


The princess of the kingdom was a viewer’s delight
Unparalleled beauty, her radiance shamed sun’s light
The emperor whose lands spread far and wide
Came to hear of the king’s daughter, his pride
Death and Darker Realms by Sneha Jaiswal is a collection of 40 poems.
Unlike the usual poetry that speak about happiness, love, life etc, the author writes about darker, sadder events; like death.
My favourite and one that I found slightly amusing is poem number 27. (The first few lines are above)
The way she incorporated a story within a few lines of poetry is phenomenal and the ending (although dark) had me laughing. (I don’t know why but I found it hilarious. Dark humour maybe?)
I found her whole theme of dark topics to be quite clever and sad at the same time.
Her poetry covers some instances of drug abuse and even a ‘mermaid’. (The mermaid one scared me a bit 😅).
Overall HIGHLY recommended for a quick, fast, easy and clever read.
I think this is the first time I’ve defined a poetry book as ‘clever’but that was the first word that came to mind when I read it.
Rated 95/100.
Melina L.