There is no doubt that getting your first book published is a HUGE learning experience. As soon as my book “Death & Darker Realms” was out, the first feeling was of relief, then of excitement and then came in-explainable nervousness.

Day 2 of the book being out, I suffered from a loss of appetite and the only thing I craved for was cold coffee. And a nap that I would never have to wake up from.

Here is the BIGGEST blunder that I committed while working on publishing my book – I did ZERO research on how to promote it. I did ZERO research on even free/simple ways to promote a book. And turns out, the easiest way to promote your book is through your GoodReads account. I came to know of this through the many an article I read AFTER publishing my book.

Guess what? I didn’t even have a GoodReads account. Well, sure, now I do. In fact, I even got the GoodReads Author badge, but I have ZERO followers & ZERO friends.  So not like I can use the site to promote the book much. In-fact, now I have an additional burden of trying to build some following on the site. And honestly, GoodReads is a great site, too bad I never checked it out before! (Have I been living under a rock? Seems like it)

Twitter is supposed to be another good platform for promotion, but I’ve never ever liked Twitter. I got on the Instagram train too late too. The fact that I am asocial doesn’t help. The only site where I have a significant following is Quora, where I have 5,000+ followers and that’s no place to promote a poetry book!

The only thing that has been greatly encouraging is the fact that it’s been doing well in the Amazon rankings for poetry and has been in the top 100 bestsellers!


Anyway, if you are a poetry enthusiast who does not know what to read next or a blogger who does reviews and is not sure what to write about next, may I suggest you try “Death & Darker Realms”. If you do, you can link it back to me, or tag me on Instagram, my username is @scarredfoot or you can simply put the review on goodreads and I will know about it.

If you don’t have a kindle, just get it on the Amazon kindle app for phones.

I will drop links to the book –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia 

(Please check your country’s amazon if I haven’t listed it or just on your kindle/kindle app)