Amazon Bestseller and contemporary fiction novel ‘Bad Town Kids’ is available on discount across all kindle stores, so grab a copy and leave a small review if you end up reading it. And just in case you were wondering – it is available on Kindle Unlimited too.

The novel was first published on December 26, 2020 & has been in the Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers list under ‘Literature & Fiction’. It’s about four friends growing up in a small Indian town, one is an atheist, another in the closet, the 3rd one doesn’t want to ‘settle down’ & the 4th one is about to turn their world upside down.

Here’s an excerpt from a reader’s review of the book –

Where do I start?



I don’t read a lot of non-fantasy-genre books. I like my books to be neatly packaged with a couple of quests, the good and bad guys clearly identified, witty repartee galore and rounded off with all the nice folks getting their happy endings.

Bad Town Kids was NONE.OF.THAT.

Anita, Saira, Maadesh and Mokshit’s coming-of-age journey starts off soft — like ambling along a lazy, idyllic river — an innocent childhood, childish pranks, tall stories and scary-but-exciting discoveries. The author does not romanticize the Indian small-town setting with some Enid Blyton-esque picturization — Jaiswal firmly disabuses the reader of any such notions from the first sentence itself.

Then, my dear reader, the idyllic river of childhood crashes down as a wild and uncontrollable waterfall. The pace builds rapidly — scattered incidents that interlock in the end. The reality of Indian society — its patriarchy, toxicity, abuse — is conveyed in blunt, honest prose.


If ‘Bad Town Kids’ sounds like something you would like to read a copy. Here are a few country-wise links –

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Happy reading!