Netflix just dropped the trailer for the film “I Care A Lot” starring Rosamand Pike (the bad-ass wife from Gone Girl), Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest, and it looks pretty damn interesting.

Pike plays Marla Grayson, a suited up con who scams old people into moving to her ‘care home’ and sells off their property to swim in all the money that comes off it. Life is sweet for Grayson until she decides to scam the wrong old woman.

The trailer is cut really well, with pacy music and sharp editing. Rosamand Pike looks cunning and reminded me of Cruella de Vil, the disney villain from 101 dalmatians, though Pike is way more good-looking. Peter Dinklage gets very few seconds in the trailer, but seems to have an interesting gangster sort of role. All in all, “I Care A Lot” looks like an entertaining film in the offing.

It’s been a while since a trailer has gotten me this excited, so I am looking forward to the Netflix release date – February 19, 2021. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer right here –