Do you remember watching the fun combination of Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan in action movies as kids? I really loved those films. Wilson however has become a pale shadow of what he used to be and it cannot be clearer in his upcoming film trailer “Bliss”, co-starring Salma Hayek.

Owen Wilson who did not have any film come out in the year 2020, looks completely haggard in what looks like a Matrix meets Adjustment Bureau mash-up. Salma Hayek flits between a hippie looking witch to a sophisticated scientist in this sci-fi flick where the protagonists keep switching between two parallel worlds – one is a bleak looking world straight out of a depressing Dickens’ novel and the other looks like a fancy/futuristic Mills & Boons universe.

Hayek claims they are living in a ‘stimulated reality’ and things begin to get ugly when things from the two alternate universes begin to collide. It was slightly confusing to watch the trailer, although you are able to make out what it really is about by the end of it. It just feels like the makers have squeezed in too many themes – stimulated reality/time bending/magic (yes, Hayek and Owen are able to move and crash things by magic)/love/relationship problems/family problems/social disparities among other things. Too much of a muddle.

“I feel a little disoriented” Wilson says towards the end of this trailer. The viewer might feel the same.