The much anticipated trailer of the third installment of the Netflix film ‘To All The Boys…” is out. Titled “To All The Boys Always & Forever”, it starts with a montage of protagonist Lara Jean (Lana Condor) holidaying with her family in Seoul. She is still dating her first boyfriend Peter (Noah Centineo) and the film seems to be about how their life and relationship status might change if they do not land in the same college together.

The whole “going long distance versus breaking up” has been done in so many movies that the plot does not seem interesting at all. Throughout the trailer, I had a straight un-amused face, which isn’t necessarily bad, because some trailers make me cringe/sigh/regret hitting the play button. It’s just that this trailer didn’t really have anything new from what we’ve already seen from the franchise. There weren’t any cute or witty little scenes either. I did not break into a laugh or even a small smile throughout the course of the 3 minute trailer.

Everything seems to be a little stale in this upcoming new film. There is the usual prom trope, where there are elaborate “will you go to prom with me” proposals. Lara and Peter happily dance at prom, while an uncertain future stares at them. And then Lara doesn’t get into the college she wants to attend. Even that little twist is given away in the trailer. I felt like they pretty much gave away everything in the trailer, although, I hope that’s not the case. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t read the books. But after the fun first two parts, the third one doesn’t seem very promising.

You can watch the trailer here –