Finished reading ‘Good Talk’ a graphic novel by Mira Jacob, who lays bare what it’s like to be a brown American in an ever changing country.

The author gives us a front row seat to her life story and her struggle to explain racial prejudices & paradoxes to her 6 year old inquisitive son. The book chronicles conversations & personal anecdotes, some humorous, some harrowing, but all reflecting the challenges of being a person of colour.

Born in the U.S to Indian parents, Jacob reveals in flashbacks how her colour posed different challenges through various stages of her life. Her interaction with her son Z is the most heart-warming part of the book. Through innocent queries, little Z sheds light on just how problematic racial differences can still be in his country.

The book also very subtly and succinctly explains what’s wrong with Trump’s presidency and his supporters.

What a good read! An essential book for anybody living under the impression that America is an inclusive utopian destination