This wasn’t really on our list. But we decided to visit it anyway.

What you see is the hall that once belonged to the famous conservationist Jim Corbett. Funny thing is none of us knew much about him. Except for the obvious – that he is a famous conservationist. “Why are there trophy heads of animals if he was a conservationist” my friend asked, full of curiosity. I didn’t know what to tell her as I glanced around the dead heads of once live animals.

We idiots didn’t know that he was a very famous hunter before he became a conservationist. Hunter/conservationist. What a paradox!

We were just happy visiting the 18th century British cottage, that still preserved most of Corbett’s belongings and furniture. Although, the CD of three idiots beside an evidently 21st century music player betrayed the colonial facade.

Also, it was nice going through his collection of books. I vividly remember spotting David Copperfield, Mayor of Casterbridge and an edition of Lord Byron’s poetry.
To those who are interested, it’s a bit of a hike from the main city. About 2kms from the Nainital lake. Definitely worth a visit if you are a history enthusiast. Or an actual Corbett fan.

Also the house has a gorgeous garden.