David Boring is a comic book by Daniel Clowes. Hard to recall how I ever came across this little gem. Although any comic enthusiast would be glad to have it in their bookshelf.

Clowes’ work is new to me. He has authored ‘Ghost World’, which is wildly popular. Even has a Hollywood film after it, starring a very young Scarlett Johansson.

Let’s get back to the comic at hand. David Boring is nothing like it’s name. Although, the lead character may seem a little one dimensional, his life is filled with ordinary experiences with bizarre out of the blue twists.

Clowes keeps you engaged with his visually rich panels. The lead character has fetishes that invoke rather stark responses from the other characters, but only draws sympathy from the reader. Perhaps because of the shame he attaches to it.

The story is slow and pacy at the same time. The narration moves from one thing to another so quickly, it’s almost like watching a short film. But simultaneously, the writer throws in conversations that are the kinds that you would have when you have lot of time for a heart to heart.

David Boring is a film that gives you the illusion of a happy ending, knowing only too well, that things are just gonna get worse. It flits between ideal scenes to tragic, violent ones. Like one minute you are smoking up and having sex, the next minute your partner stabs you in the eye and disappears forever. Leaving you naked and confused.

Clowes draws you into his world with swift strokes. David Boring is anything but boring.